Tulsa Divorce Attorney for Men: the Process

A divorce can bring a lot of stress to the people involved in the process.  This stress affects both the woman and the man, but it also affects any children that the couple has before the divorce is filed. A Tulsa divorce attorney for men can help resolve some of the stress you have to endure by yourself. The lawyer also answers any questions you have and helps you during the whole divorce process. There are several steps involved in the process. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Starting the Process

The divorce process is started by filing for a divorce petition. This petition identifies any children who rely on the parents for support, any property that the couple owns, and allows the two people to reach an agreement on how everything will be separated. The parents must decide who will be the primary caregiver of the child or children they share together. They will split the duties that each will take care of depending on who is given the primary role. Some things can be split between both parents.


During this stage, any arguments brought up between the parents will be worked out. These arguments can be things such as who gets what, who has to provide for a certain thing, or even who gets the pets that the couple shared. This stage involves a neutral third person who is present to help the parents come to an agreement without favoring one over the other. Sometimes, the mediator is required to travel between different rooms to settle disagreements and to help the couple decide how things will be split so that it is equal for both of them. If the two people cannot come to an agreement, then a trial could take place.

The process of divorce can be difficult, that’s why it’s so important to retain an Oklahoma divorce lawyer to properly protect your interests. A qualified attorney can assist the client in organizing the needed information, help with the division of assets, as well as make sure a fair settlement is reached.